How the Trade-In Works


1. First, determine your eligibility with a free market price estimate

Call 480-748-8752 to understand quickly how much your current house will sell for with Knock, and determine its eligibility for the trade-in program.

2. Schedule your phone consult

I will answer any questions you might have, when you get your estimated home price range.

3. Your Team of Real Estate Experts will help you find your new home

We also get you fully underwritten for a new mortgage so you know how much new house you can afford.

4. We buy your new house with OUR CASH

As an all cash, non-contingent buyer on your behalf, we often win bidding wars and get an average 5% discount off the listing price.

5. Move into your new house

Move into your new house before we list your current house for sale.

6. Only pay one set of bills

You just keep paying your old mortgage and Knock will settle with you for any costs we covered on the new home when your old house is sold.

7. We manage and pay for repairs on your old house to maximize offers

We manage and pay for up to $10,000 in repairs on your old house and settle with you at closing.

8. SOLD!

We transfer your new house into your name as soon as your old house sells.


  • Call 480-748-8752 for answers to questions such as cost to you, for example: 6% commission to list your home and half of this (3%) goes to the agent who brings the buyer.
  • Other points  I can address: how we determine price for your current and new home, how you only pay one mortgage, how our mortgage pre-approval works, details about appraisal and inspections, how YOU keep your hard-earned equity, etc.
  • Plus: you don't have to buy a Knock home, you decide which repairs & upgrades we do on your current home, we work with other agents, we work with new construction, and so much more.
  • I AM ALSO A TRADITIONAL AGENT, but as you can see, Knock's trade-in program offers you so much more!